Rocky Books - the stories of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and his master, Shaun Chapman, in Africa
The 'Rocky Books' are a series of wonderful books which will bring pleasure to children and adults everywhere.

The Rocky Series 

The 'Rocky Books' are a series of wonderful books which will bring pleasure to children and adults everywhere. Rocky is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who really exists – and the books are a glorious fantasy of adventures set mostly in Africa – South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and beyond, where Rocky, a tough little dog, gets into and out of scrapes. In the books Rocky makes friends and enemies of many colourful characters – lions, elephants, hyenas, snakes, bushmen, poachers, politicians and even Hollywood starlets. As the series evolves we see Rocky going as far afield as New York and Alaska. These are adventure books for everyone with a strong environmental message. The first five books in this series are written and published.

WildernessRocky in the Wilderness
Living with a Game Ranger Sean and Dinah, Rocky learns who his friends are as a puppy during his misadventures in the game park. Much older he is lost in the bushveld and has to fend for himself. Man comes, destructive and nature and looking to profit... Rocky and his friends, Igola a Serval Cat, Njovu a young Elephant and other denizens of the bush strive to stop a deadly band of poachers. In their efforts to end the slaughter they have to unite the diverse wildlife. For Rocky and his friends it becomes a deadly fight for survival...

San BushmenRocky and the San Bushmen
With Global Warming coming into effect and Dinah still in New York, Rocky and Sean are tasked with providing precious ground water for the resident wildlife in the park. They meet Qui, Gao and Xama, three San on a quest to the sacred cavern in the desert far away... The lust for diamonds and wealth forces their San group from the ancestral lands they inhabit, putting Rocky, Sean and the San against the evil machinations of Captain Mohale; a ruthless professional soldier, who will stop at nothing to obtain the wealth he desires. Into this mix is thrown Shogi, a wilddog of mystical nature...

Wild DogsRocky and the Wilddogs
Natalie Johnson a film starlet and Harry, a director from Los Angeles, are in Botswana to make a movie. They meet Bruce an Australian, who is not as he seems and Mugambi, who is as evil as ever. On the Atlantic Ocean far away steam Captain Van Toeball and his rotund cook Dumi, wildlife smugglers who have a penchant for penguin soup. Admiral 'Rock' Hopper and his navy penguins march down the Namibian coast toward trouble, while Rocky, Shogi and Sean are on the trail of Wana's siblings who have been dognapped by Mugambi and his gang of poachers... Sean is captured, can Rocky, Bo, their San Bushman friend, Shogi and Wana save the day...

Origins of ManRocky and the Origins of Man
Rocky and Sean continue their adventures as they find an ancient skull in the wilderness of Botswana. The duo go on a quest to find more about its origins. To Mafeking, to consult a seer of the past and of the future, then to Taung, to consult an eminent Paleoanthropologist, Dr. Jane Mallory. Caught up in the mists of time and millennia old San lore, they travel back to three major epochs in man's history, transitory states in which man and beast struggle to survive against the forces of nature. Learning at first to live and develop in harmony with it, then in its final stage... to destroy it and the very wild creatures that developed symbiotically with man...

Fighting Dogs

Rocky and the Fighting Dogs (coming soon)
Hubesi, Njoka and Sato are captured, and are destined to end up as rugs and trophies for a wealthy American hunter, in a canned lion hunt. In a desperate rescue attempt, Rocky and Igola are captured and incarcerated with them. Sean and Shogi lead the hunt for the lion and dognappers, following them from Botswana across the border to Mafeking and Vryburg... As the dognappers from Alexandra township ply their evil trade, supplying dogs for the dog-fighting pits of Cape Town, a maelstrom of events turn the tables against our heroes. Can Rocky escape with his friend and the bad tempered feline trio? Can Sean and Shogi escape the clutches of their old nemesis, Mugambi, who will stop at nothing in his quest for revenge? So, with storm clouds on the horizon and the vast expanse of Africa under his paws, Rocky fights for his life, and, those of his four legged friends...

Lost City of the KalahariRocky in the Lost City of the Kalahari(coming soon)
Ndlovu and his clan are about to be culled in a cut down of elephants in the area due to Mugambi’s machinations, much to the lament of Sean, Rocky, Igola and Natalie, who arrives back in Botswana to film a documentary on wildlife. While Sean tries to stop the cull before it starts, Mugambi tries to start before it is due to begin, chasing the elephants into a massive dust storm on the fringe of a desert where the fabled Lost City of the Kalahari was once rumoured to exist – the real location of King Solomon’s mines, a Monomatapan King who held the throne over 500 years ago and land mines throughout Southern Africa, where he dug for gold and precious stones ... The Arab traders who traded with King Solomon became greedy and wanted the source of the King’s mines, forewarned, the King had his wealth taken to his other city, now lost under the sands of the Kalahari... With Mugambi hot on the heels of the elephants, Natalie, Rocky, Igola, Sebastian, Lopez and Alfred, a huge dust storm and a host of undead heading their way, Sean and Bo race to the rescue...

Next books in the series (in the planning and research stage)
Rocky and the Chinese Dragon
Rocky and the Dogs of War
Rocky and the Burning forest
Rocky and the Dogs of Manhattan
Rocky in Alaska
Rocky and the Vanishing Tribes

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