Rocky Books - the stories of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and his master, Shaun Chapman, in Africa
The Rocky series main message is to teach children of all ages about the various problems the environment is facing

Environmental Issues

The Rocky series main message is to teach children of all ages about the various problems our flora and fauna, and environment, are facing. How man is impacting in a highly negative manner on all areas of planet earth; poisoning the air, the seas and the land; by extracting and consuming mineral wealth at such a vast rate that nothing will be left for future generations. We are unravelling the fabric of our planet...

By producing this series covering the many facets of environmental damage we present them in a digestible medium, teaching understanding and principles that children will internalize and hold close for the remainder of their lives. We replace the rampant consumerism with a more wholesome and caring attitude to the environment and the myriad life forms it contains. Our motto - 'walk softly and leave no tracks'.

By introducing it to schools as part of their syllabus work we reach a larger audience and provide the teachers with a tool of great value. There is as yet nothing that teaches good environmental morals and principles in the marketplace. This series will fill this vacant gap with an invaluable message to mankind. Accompanying the series, the author Shaun Chapman will give talks to pupils and teachers to promote the environmental protection and the books reception as part of the syllabus.

By building Rocky up as an Icon for game and wildlife protection and the preservation of the environment - we create a centre point or rallying call for children and environmentally conscious adults. Let me emphasize this point, The Rocky Series is not just another series, it is a powerful tool for an environmentally clean world, one in which the animals of our planet also have the right to survive without threat of extinction, and are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. All creatures on earth have the right to life, with no monetary value placed upon them... Extinction is a heinious crime!!

The series will also attempt to breathe some common sense into the treatment of millennia old indigenous cultures which are at present being trodden over and assimilated to the point of destruction by modem society - their rich textures and tapestries of survival coping systems, religious beliefs and way of life disappearing into the stream of time. This is an unforgivable waste, because society has much to learn from such cultures, especially in regard to living in harmony with the earth and not disturbing the delicate balance of nature.

Click here for Rocky's 10 Environmental Commandments

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