Rocky Books - the stories of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and his master, Shaun Chapman, in Africa
Rocky Books are great adventure stories for children and adults, with a strong environmental message


My name's Rocky and my master, Shaun, has written several books about me and my adventures. Now he's got a website he's let me keep a diary and post my thoughts on the website. I've called it Rocky's Barks and Howls - howls for the damage that man's greed has done to the environment and barks for when I get really angry with someone or something (some of my barks are reserved for Shaun) and for Snowy, the other dog who invades my kingdom. I've had an exciting life and Shaun's books are based on some of my adventures and he's added some new twists. But sometimes I just like to lie in the sun, so don't expect a diary entry every day!

Rocky's Barks & Howls - January to December 2011

12 March 2011

Hopefully we’ll be back in the bush shortly. . . We have definitely done enough work on the books!

11 March 2011

Snowy and Blackie (a Jack Russell puppy) just chased a bird in the house. Shaun was not amused with all the feathers, they on the other hand found it thoroughly amusing!

9 March 2011

Shaun had a meeting with the guys, and ‘RAPTOR’ should be going full steam ahead shortly. RAPTOR is an anti-poaching organization.

8 February 2011

He is finished for real this time!!! And Shaun got fired from this lousy job because Mafutha and Skoho’s vindictiveness and general nasty attitude towards him. Gee, maybe they’ll fire me also, uph, can’t, I’m not on their payroll! They really need to go on a de-nasty course. . .

1 January 2011

He’s on page one again. . . GRRRRRR!