Rocky Books - the stories of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and his master, Shaun Chapman, in Africa
Rocky Books are great adventure stories for children and adults, with a strong environmental message

What a great book (Rocky in the Wilderness). I can't wait to real all the Rocky books.
South Africa
December, 2011

I think these books are fantastic
South Africa
December, 2011

My 3 children have read 3 of the books and they all loved them. Now they have moved on to my brother's children. Please keep writing.
Pieter du Plessis
Pringle Bay
South Africa
November, 2011

I'm a teacher and have encouraged all my learners to read the Rocky Books. They are great reading and have helped the youngsters to understand a little more about the environment, poaching, climate change and even where we came from. Well done. These books should be mandatory reading for all youngsters throughout the world.
John Drake
South Africa
November, 2011

Wow - a new slant on our beginnings (Rocky and the Origins). A really interesting read and cleverly put together. I'm going to order the other books.
Terence Harmstedt
October, 2011

A certain 'UK Royal' has enjoyed the first book and sent their best wishes.

A Royal Reader
September, 2011

On behalf of Welkom High School I would like to thank you for coming to our school to talk to the Grade 9 learners about the Rocky project.

Since your visit to the school, I have observed a noted difference in the attitude of our learners. For one, they have certainly taken an interest in environmental issues. I have heard comments from them that were very positive. One of the boys wrote in his journal “I want to become a game ranger”. The learners' attitude to reading has also improved, as they found the visit so interesting. Another learner wrote in her journal “I can't wait to finish the book”.

Overall, I am really impressed by the level of awareness your visit has brought to the community…
Welkom High School
September, 2011

I really enjoyed Rocky and the San Bushmen. Your use of language to depict the San names is so interesting.
Robert Senior
July, 2011

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Rocky and the Wilderness